George Cruser ’84
Rockville, Md.
Cruser’s William & Mary journey began in sixth grade. After an eight-hour car ride to Williamsburg, his parents let all four kids run around in the Sunken Garden. Right then, he knew that he wanted to go to W&M — ultimately, his brother and sister attended, too. With his accounting degree from W&M, Cruser began working for Coopers & Lybrand in Washington, D.C., which became PwC. When his division was sold to IBM last year, he retired from his first job. Now an entrepreneur, he buys and operates mental health clinics to improve patient quality, access and care. Cruser returns to W&M often for recruiting trips and has found its students are always good hires. Over the years, he has worked on admissions interviews, local chapter events, and most recently with W&M fundraising committees.

“For me, William & Mary marries its rich history with continual innovation, drawing on the old and giving birth to the new. I believe that considering the historical context as part of creating change improves its success. I hope to help the Alumni Association continue to engage in our traditions while creating new beginnings.”