Megan Burnley Dorward '07


Megan Dorward ’07 works as a client lead for political and advocacy advertisers at Twitter in Washington, DC. She graduated from the College with degrees in American studies, marketing and French. During her time on campus, Megan was a freshman R.A. in Barrett Hall, served two terms as the Secretary of Student Life in the Student Assembly, and was a member of the Undergraduate Judicial Council. She was a Tribe cheerleader and remains an indefatigable fan of the Green and Gold. Dorward has served on the College’s Board of Directors for Annual Giving and co-chaired her 5th Year Reunion Class Gift Committee, which set a record, albeit short-lived, for both class participation and dollars pledged. In 2013, Megan was honored to receive the Baltimore-Annapolis Award for outstanding efforts and contributions to the College.


"The College has given me so much — opportunities both inside and outside the classroom during my time as a student, a professional network as an alumna, and a guiding set of principles which have served me as a compass through life. I feel it is not just a responsibility, but a privilege to give back in both time and treasure to the institution that has given me so much."

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