Expedition to Antarctica

January 13-24, 2022

Be among the fortunate few to set foot on the continent of Anarctica. During this extraordinary 12-day journey to the bottom of the world, retrace sea lanes navigated by storied explorers Shackleton, Amundsen and Scott, inspired to seek out “The White continent.” See how spectacular illuminations of this last frontier reveal the majesty and contrasts of its unique wilderness. Watch as normal human scales and reference point disappear amidst the grandeur of nature in its most pristine form, from extended sunrises that paint the icescape in soft shades of pink, to the lingering golden light of the austral summer, where humpback whales, leopard seals, and Adélie penguins swim among turquoise glaciers and glimmering icebergs.

Cruise for seven nights aboard the exclusively chartered L’Austral - both Five-Star and ice-class rated. 

Questions? Contact Donna Coggins via email at travel@wm.edu or call 757-221-1165.

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