Intriguing India

October 28 to November 11, 2022

Colorful. Chaotic. Mesmerizing. Exotic. Many words describe India—a vast, diverse country sporting the Himalayas in the north, beaches in the south, tribal territory to the east, and desert to the west. Ever-changing, yet timeless, it is a land of both contrasts and constants, displaying the full spectrum of life. Come experience India's vibrant interior during an in-depth exploration of its history, culture, and wildlife. Larger-than-life palaces, battle-scarred forts, and engaging artisan encounters, along with varied opportunities for sighting flora and fauna, highlight the best elements the subcontinent has to offer and indelible impressions for defining India your way. Survey the contrasts between Old and New Delhi with sightseeing and an informative talk by an art historian during a guided tour of the capital. Travel to Agra to see the colors of sunrise and sunset paint the ivory-white Taj Mahal mausoleum, and visit an artisan workshop to learn about the tradition of its handcrafted marble inlay. Delight in a performance of Raas Leela—an Indian dance traced back to sacred Hindu writings. Explore Keoladeo National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, where nearly 400 species of birds have been recorded, including the rare Siberian crane. Experience a once-in-a-lifetime stay at the legendary Taj Lake Palace, an 18th-century royal summer palace constructed from white marble on an island in Lake Pichola.

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