Tribe at Work

Tribe @ Work brings together William & Mary alumni within a workplace and uncovers the powerful connection between career and alma mater.


To unite the Tribe community within a workplace, strengthen William & Mary alumni professional networks and engage alumni with the university.

  • Encourage networking among William & Mary alumni in the same company.
  • Foster mentorship among colleagues and fellow alumni.
  • Create opportunities for professional development.
  • Build a vibrant William & Mary community with the goal of retention and further growth.
  • Promote the Hire the Tribe initiative and recruiting opportunities.
  • Strengthen corporate relationships with William & Mary.
  • Encourage a culture of individual and corporate philanthropy.
How do you establish a Tribe @ Work program at your workplace? 

Become a Tribe @ Work Leader!

Serve as a volunteer liaison between your colleagues and the Office of Alumni Career Management and Professional Networks. Facilitate programming that fits the needs of your workplace, communicate these programs and needs effectively and promote the institutional goals of William & Mary.

Apply to be a Tribe @ Work leader in your workplace.


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Questions? Please contact:

  •   Michael Steelman,  Director, Alumni Career Management and Professional Networks
  •   202-836-8614