One Tribe One Day

One Tribe One Day is William & Mary’s giving day: a chance to show the world how much alma mater means to us. On March 28, 2017, William & Mary will boldly celebrate our fourth annual One Tribe One Day – one extraordinary day of giving back and paying it forward.  Help us meet our stretch goal of 12,000 donors for the day.

Green states have at least one donor — make a gift now and turn your state gold for 10 minutes!

Progress towards our goal of 12,000 donors 

Every Challenge Unlocks a New Video

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Gerdelman School & Unit Competition

This One Tribe One Day, William & Mary’s schools and units will be competing against each other. The winners of each category below will receive $15,000. Funds will be distributed to the schools’ or units’ impact funds.  See the current standings in real-time below.

Total Donors

New Donors

Most Improved