Beijing: Barrels of fun

By Kelly S. Holdcraft July 6, 2016

Alex Acker '00 (left) and Kristian Li of Jing-A Brewing in Beijing use unique Chinese ingredients in their craft beer.

Photo courtesy of Alex Acker ’00

China Daily Cover Story featuring Jing A Brewery’s co-founder Alex Acker ’00 greeted us when we opened our hotel room doors the morning of our June 18 William & Mary in Beijing reception. Coincidence or fate?!

William & Mary alumni and current students welcomed incoming students and their families to the Tribe at the Beijing reception. “Oooooos” and “Aaaaaas” rose from the crowd of impressed new students as alumni with positions at Microsoft, Pfizer, large multinational law firms and banks, and prestigious graduate schools each introduced themselves by providing their program and grad year, and current employment.

While the new students and their families met with Mark Sikes Ph.D. ’15, Lauren Garrett ’02 and Vernon Hurte, alumni and current students followed me, Sani Silvennoinen and Mike Tierney ’87 to Jing A Brewery to roll out the barrel and have barrels of fun with Acker. We even got to meet the newest addition to the Acker family, Mikayla, and taste the beer brewed in celebration of her birth!

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