DC Metro - Book Club Meeting: A Christmas Carol

Time: Wednesday, December 14 | 7:30 - 9:00 PM
Location: Kilroy’s Restaurant | 5250-A Port Royal Road, Springfield, VA

Sue Newman ’79

The group at the book club organizational meeting had a great first gathering at the home of Anne ’82 and Barry ’81 Sharp. The multi-generational group discovered many shared interests and uncovered new ideas of books we’d like to read. For this meeting, we will all read A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. It seemed appropriate and fun! We expect that we will need to spend a little time on organizational matters again, identifying possible other locations and books to read.

The owner of Kilroy’s is Philip “Pip” Thomas ’69! He has kindly offered us space at the restaurant for our book club meeting. When you arrive, just ask for the W&M book club. If you’d like to go earlier for dinner, please feel free. I’m sure we’ll share some wine, etc. while we talk about books, so please bring some cash, to make it easier to split the bill.

We hope the Beltway location is convenient to many interested alums, yet realize this location may not work for everyone. If the location doesn’t work for you and you’d be interested in starting up a W&M book club in a location convenient for you, please contact Sue Newman ‘79 ( and she’ll be happy to help you get the word out and start up another book club or two after the holidays.