Fall Awards Banquet

Starts: September 15, 2016 - 5:30 PM
Ends: September 15, 2016 - 9:00 PM
Location: Alumni House, Clarke Plaza

Susan Bowe, Executive Assistant, Department of Alumni Engagement


—By invitation only—

The W&M Alumni Association Board of Directors will recognize and celebrate the following faculty, staff, and alumni at a special ceremony and dinner:

2016 Alumni Fellowship Awards

  • Christopher A. Freiman, Philosophy
  • Tara L. Grove, Law
  • John T. Lombardini, Government
  • Pieter Peers, Computer Science
  • Kristin L. Wustholz, Chemistry

2016 Coach of the Year Award  

  • Brian P. Murphy, Baseball

2016 Staff Service Award

  • John W. Dutro, Support Services Coordinator, Facilities Management

The Board of Directors will also recognize and honor the late Douglas N. Morton ’62, and will bestow the inaugural Douglas N. Morton ’62 Alumni Service Awards to the following alumni:

2016 Douglas N. Morton ’62 Alumni Service Awards

  • Carolyn H. Chrisman ʼ78
  • Betty Ann Lasley ʼ61
  • Barbara L. Ramsey ʼ75

2016 Douglas N. Morton ’62 Young Alumni Service Awards

  • Kirsten A. Shiroma ʼ05
  • Ashley E. Slaff ʼ08