DC Metro - W&M Eastern Market Book Club Meeting

Time: Sunday, January 29 | 2:00 - 4:00 PM
Location: East City Bookshop | 645 Pennsylvania Ave SE, Suite 100 | Washington DC 20003

Sue Newman ’79

Thanks to Carley O’Connell ‘15 for locating and securing space for our first meeting on Sunday, Jan. 29, from 2-4pm!  The book club will be held at East City Bookshop, 645 Pennsylvania Ave SE, Suite 100, Washington DC 20003, near the Eastern Market metro:  You are welcome to bring in beverages or mess-free snacks (including your own napkins, cups, and other supplies).

Please bring with you (for show & tell!) one of the best books you’ve read and wouldn’t mind rereading.  Plan to give a short “book talk” on the book you bring with you.

Be prepared to volunteer a book you’ve been wanting to read so the club can select a book or two for the following month.