Tribe Heralds


Tribe Heralds help generate positive energy about William & Mary online. The purpose of this volunteer role is to extend William & Mary’s reach across multiple social networking platforms by utilizing the volunteers’ personal online communities. Heralds will be provided with content which they can copy directly to their social media platforms on a monthly basis or tweak to fit their own voice and audience.


  • Post William & Mary-related stories or events once a month
  • Choose from provided materials to copy/paste to your social media community, or else generate your own original content that positively extends the College’s brand
  • On special occasions, post about major W&M events (Homecoming, Charter Day, One Tribe One Day, etc.) using official hashtags
  • Remain a positive advocate of W&M and its goals through posts, shares, and comments
  • Remain aware of and interested in current issues, trends, and events pertaining to W&M
  • Provide feedback to University Advancement in order to maximize social media outreach efforts, including identification of potential volunteers and suggestions on how to improve outreach
  • Follow the social media user guide
  • Support William & Mary annually with a thoughtful gift of a comfortable amount



The time commitment for this role is about 5 – 30 minutes per month / 1 – 6 hours per year

This volunteer role operates on a continuous basis with an annual review at the conclusion of the academic year. You are free to join or step down at any time.

William & Mary is committed to supporting its volunteers, including providing:

  • Content you can easily share to your social media platforms
  • Individualized attention and support from University Advancement
  • Personal and professional development through the volunteer experience
  • Advanced insight into university information, including events and e-mail updates






Scott Hale

(757) 221-1642