APIM Advisory Board


Our mission is to honor and explore our diversity in order to bridge alumni in cultivating a vibrant community where all APIM alumni belong. As an inaugural member of our board, you will contribute directly to the alumni engagement, leadership and philanthropy work of staff members in the Office of University Advancement.


The Asian-Pacific Islander-Middle Eastern (APIM) Alumni Association envisions ensuring that APIM faces and voices are a core component of William & Mary’s present and future identity.


Organization Goals: The overall organizational goals are divided into thematic areas to best address action steps to achieve APIM’s mission and vision.

Visibility: To expand the visibility and voice of APIM alumni within the William & Mary community.

  1. Use existing visibility structures (e.g. cultural heritage months) to promote events and programs
  2. Promote and support difficult conversations to deepen empathy and understanding in the hopes of reducing polarization
  3. Use APIM alumni experiences to encourage future alumni to be their authentic selves through dialogue, panels, forums or other means.
  4. Promote visibility of W&M APIM through new and current resources, such as Art & Hatsuye and W&M Alumni Magazine as well as social media, networking events, or publications.
  5. Make APIM part of the public conversation, because full APIM community has been othered and there is a need to address this through visibility.

Outreach: To engage and connect with APIM alumni, student organizations, William & Mary leadership staff, partners and allies to build and support our community/APIM endeavors.

  1. Coordinate and hold regular events to deepen engagement among APIM alumni (e.g. social events, professional development, informational events etc.)
  2. Create spaces to discuss salient matters and personal stories related to identity and common experiences among APIM alumni
  3. Grow peer-to-peer connections through networking to deepen relationship-building and establish networks of support that could be professional or personal
  4. Identify and reach out to existing student organizations under the APIM umbrella to support outreach events and programs
  5. Explore and engage in relationships with other W&M alumni advisory boards (i.e. Crim Dell, Hulon Willis Association and Latinx)
  6. Involve William & Mary Alumni Association (WMAA) regional staff team and Young Guarde in outreach opportunities
  7. Determine what to communicate with the APIM community via tools like a newsletter, social media posts, etc.

Structure/governance: To create and sustain a governance structure that facilitates the achievement of APIM mission and vision.

  1. Identify and develop APIM organizational structure to best reflect organizational goals and objectives
  2. Complete the transition to an Alumni Advisory Board from a Leadership Circle
    1. Shift from temporary Leadership Circle to next iteration of leaders
  3. Increase financial support for APIM activities through APIM Alumni Operating Fund
Board Applications

Applications to join the APIM Advisory Board will open in 2023. If you would like to get involved with the work of the board in the interim, please contact Ivana Marshall at immarshall@wm.edu or 757-221-7514.

Abhi Chadha ’20 Co-Chair

Jessica Chen ’05

Heein Choi ’18

Hanako Doherty ’96

Rosalie Duarte ’95

Franklin jin Rho ’96

Zayd Khoury ’05

Richard Luong ’08 Co-Chair

Banan Malkawi ’05

Celeste Otsuka ’07

Bonnie Powell ’87

Kirsten Quackenbush ’05

Seema Turner ’93

Emily Wasek ’17

Harper Yi ’15