W&M Webinar: Creating and Executing the Vision for Your Second Act

Time: July 18, 2017 | 12:00 - 1:00 PM EDT
Location: Online

Michael Steelman, Alumni Career Management & Professional Networks


You have had a successful career, and now it is time to decide what is next for your Second Act.  You know you’re capable of creating something new – after all, you have had a long history of accomplishment.  Now you want something more and different – tied to a compelling sense of purpose in the world.  Some of us are ready to pursue unlived dreams of much earlier years, others will continue to work, and yet others want to find ways to make a difference in the world.  All of these are possible.  It depends on which one or ones are right for you.

When what you are doing is connected to your passions and core values, you are living a life of discovery that energizes you every day. You want this for your Second Act.  Discover or reconnect with your passions and explore how you can use them to create your vision for yourself.  Building on this vision, tied to your passion, you can create overall goals to help you realize your exciting vision. 

Your Second Act provides you a time to connect or reconnect with your passions.  It is a time of exploration.  You might want to try things you always wanted to do or explore some new ideas or opportunities.  You have the opportunity to create a new vision for yourself, grounded in what you want to do.  

In this W&M Webinar, Kathy Durdin '77 will provide you some ideas and approaches that you can use to identify what is meaningful to you now and what energizes you, and then create different potential visions of what you would like to do.  She will then walk you through next steps that you can implement to explore and refine your potential visions.

This webinar will use creativity in a fun and enlightening program to:

  • Identify what core values are important to them now,
  • Identify their passions and
  • Visualize what a life connected to those passions might look like. 

At the end of the program, attendees will also learn some tools that they can use to set some goals to start to explore the possibilities for the Second Act.




Kathy Durdin '77,  uniquely combines a varied background in management consulting, leadership development and arts, and applies all of these experiences and disciplines to meet her clients’ needs.  Kathy has had a broad based career encompassing client service and organizational management in both the consulting and non-profit environments.   After over twenty-five years of management consulting experience, Kathy changed her focus to an area about which she has always been passionate – enhancing and encouraging individual development, and expanding inclusive leadership.  Over five years, she envisioned, developed and implemented the Women’s Leadership and Diversity & Inclusion Programs at Navigant, emphasizing leadership development. Working with small groups and one on one, she coached individuals on career and skills development to achieve their desired objectives.


Now, she is sharing her experiences with others, helping organizations better engage with employees and assisting individuals in furthering their careers, find or reconnect with the passions, identify their goals and achieve their own objectives.   Kathy is a Certified Hudson Institute Coach. Her goal is to help others through programming that supports the organization and the individual in their evolution to meet the business and talent development needs of the twenty-first century.   Among her focuses are individuals in transition – both within their careers and in their roles beyond their careers.


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