Awards & Recognition


The Annual Review & Accolades are designed to allow networks to reflect on the last year, celebrate successes, plan for the future and help us stay organized year over year. Evaluating the past year helps us identify what distinguished successful engagement opportunities and therefore improve our planning and processes for future programming. The Accolades are a means of recognizing and honoring the many hours that network leaders put into planning these engagement opportunities.

Alumni Medallion

The highest and most prestigious award given by the Alumni Association, the Alumni Medallion recognizes outstanding alumni for commitment, dedication and assistance to William & Mary; exemplary accomplishments in their professional lives; and leadership in civic engagement in their communities, states or nations. The award reflects the honor that recipients bring to the university and its alumni through their actions and contributions.

Douglas N. Morton ’62 Alumni Service Awards

The Douglas N. Morton '62 Alumni Service Awards are a recognition award for exceptional service by alumni on behalf of alumni chapters, clubs, constituent organizations or associations, the W&M Alumni Association, and in special instances, William & Mary and its schools. Any person (graduate or undergraduate) who qualifies as an alumnus according to the Bylaws, and is within 10 years of their undergraduate graduation, regardless of institution, are considered for the Douglas N. Morton '62 Young Alumni Service Award.

Engagement Leader Awards

Fellow network leaders select highly engaged William & Mary supporters in their network who have demonstrated excellent leadership, dedication and pride for alma mater through planning, organizing and attending engagement opportunities. Each award winner will receive a gift provided by the Alumni Engagement team. Networks are encouraged to submit as many of these individual stewardship awards as they wish throughout the year.