Financial Support

Network Budgets

Each regional network receives an allocated budget based on the number of alumni and current parents in a region. William & Mary operates on a July 1-June 30 fiscal year, so allocated funds are available July 1. All allocated funds are held by the WMAA. Network leaders are encouraged to track and account for all dollars, to ensure dollars are being maximized. Because the WMAA is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, regional budgets must be spent down to $0 each year. Monies cannot rollover year-over-year. If a network has spent down their allocation, but has a unique programming opportunity, they can apply for additional funds through their regional alumni engagement liaison.

How to Make Payments for Activity Expenses

Engagement activities often have costs associated for venue space, catering and A/V equipment. Contact your regional alumni engagement staff liaison to make payments for engagement opportunities. Credit card payments can be made very quickly, typically within one to two days. Checks can take two to three weeks to be sent. Network leaders are also able to make payments and submit for reimbursement with an itemized receipt. If you choose to pay and submit for reimbursement, we encourage you to take a photo of the receipt as soon as you receive it, so you don’t have to worry about losing it! Once we receive the itemized receipt, reimbursement checks are typically mailed in two to four weeks.

Engagement Activity Fees

Engagement activity fees is the price charged to attend an event. All engagement activity fees can be charged through the registration website and will be credited to the Network’s budget. In the event that someone is unable to pay through the registration website, work with your alumni engagement staff member.

Accepting Donations

Donations can be accepted through the registration website. For WMAA engagement opportunities, we will include a donations link for the William & Mary Alumni Association Fund at point of registration. The William & Mary Alumni Association Fund provides ongoing expendable support for a variety of alumni and student programs, communications, engagement opportunities and services focused on strengthening lifelong ties to William & Mary.

Sales Tax Exemption

WMAA engagement opportunities are exempt from sales tax in the Commonwealth of Virginia. If you are planning an engagement opportunity in Virginia, please let your regional alumni engagement staff member know. They can share the Virginia Sales Tax Exemption form with the vendor and save the network some funds for future programming.