Marketing & Communications

Communication Processes and Best Practices

Alumni Engagement staff create and send all WMAA communications to ensure consistent branding, style and messaging. If you’d like your Alumni Engagement staff liaison to create an evite or newsletter, fill out the evite request or newsletter form. When you request an evite or newsletter, the staff member will send these communications to the alumni, parents, family and friends in your network affinity, identity, industry or region. If you have a different audience in mind, be sure to discuss with your staff member prior to sending. We will also post engagement opportunities in other WMAA communications and on social media channels. Be sure to follow us on social media to stay in the loop and see what other networks are doing!

Invitations to Participate

Most of our engagement opportunity registrations come through evites. Be sure to submit your evite request form six weeks in advance. This allows time for a registration page, calendar page and evite to be created by Alumni Engagement staff and reviewed by our University Marketing team.

Webpage & Engagement Opportunity Photos

Post photos of your engagement opportunity on your network Facebook Group and to your personal social media with tags, such as #WMAlumni and #TribePride. This is one of the best ways to advertise the network and your engagement opportunities.

Social Media

Facebook Groups

Facebook Groups are a way for you to easily interact with the W&M community. Whether it be engagement opportunities, meetups, local activities and happenings, apartment postings or more — this is the place to share and communicate with fellow alumni, parents, family and friends! Group members will be approved by university staff and posted content will be monitored to ensure we are showcasing the best of the Tribe. View our full Facebook Group comment policy. Regional Facebook Groups can be found on the Alumni Regional Networks webpage.

William & Mary Alumni Association Facebook Page

Follow the William & Mary Alumni Association on Facebook to stay connected with fellow members of the W&M community and university updates. View our full Social Media comment policy.

@WMAlumni Twitter

Follow @WMAlumni on Twitter to stay up to date with the latest campus news and keep in touch with fellow alumni, parents, family and friends of W&M.

@WMAlumni Instagram

Follow @WMAlumni on Instagram to connect with others and back to William & Mary. Share your W&M stories with the #WMAlumni and #TribePride hashtags.

William & Mary LinkedIn

Build and leverage your professional network by utilizing the W&M LinkedIn resources.