Brick Program FAQ

How many lines and characters of personalization can I have on my brick?

Bricks can have up to three lines of personalization and each line can have up to 25 characters per line (spaces and punctuation count!).

How big are the bricks?

Bricks measure 4x8 inches.

Can I choose where my brick will be placed? 

We are happy to accommodate your request when possible. Just indicate your preference at the time you place your order.

What kinds of characters can be engraved on my brick?

Any character that is found on a standard keyboard can be engraved. Greek letters can also be used.

How do I let someone know that I have reserved a brick in their honor?

Please download and complete the Clarke Plaza Brick Certificate to commemorate your brick. You will be able to write your engraved message on the certificate and give it to your loved one or keep it for your own records.

What is the minimum gift for recognition in the brick program? Is my gift tax-deductible?

Each personalized brick can be reserved with a gift of $500 to the Alumni House Brick Fund. Your $500 gift is tax-deductible and supports alumni engagement in a variety of forms to strengthen lifelong ties to William & Mary, including programming and the Alumni House expansion project. It also counts toward your William & Mary total lifetime giving.

How do I reserve a brick?


How can I find my brick?

Once campus reopens to visitors, come by the Alumni House at One Alumni Drive. On the left of the building, facing Zable Stadium, is the renovated Clarke Plaza. Use our brick locator to find your brick.

Do you have a question that isn’t answered here?

Contact Jackie Blum at 757-221-2794 or