Mission, Vision & Values

Mission Statement

The mission of the Alumni Association is to cultivate a vibrant and inclusive alumni community committed to deepening connections with each other and William & Mary for all time coming.

Vision Statement

As a preeminent alumni association, we advance William & Mary, serve the diverse and evolving needs of each member of our global alumni community, and create opportunities to strengthen bonds between each other and alma mater for all time coming.


Belonging - We are a welcoming, diverse and inclusive alumni community. 

Curiosity - We foster a culture of alumni and friends who champion and inspire lifelong learning and growth.

Excellence - We aim for the extraordinary, recognizing that personal growth and meaningful accomplishment require bold and innovative aspirations, courageous risk-taking, and focused effort.

Flourishing - We ensure that William & Mary and the WMAA will thrive for all time coming, and we promote active engagement in the life of the university through going, giving, and serving.

Integrity - We are honorable, equitable, trustworthy, and committed to the highest ethical standards in all that we do.

Respect - We treat one another with mutual respect, recognizing and upholding each person's inherent dignity and worth.

Service - We engage with alumni and friends both near and far, promoting dedication, commitment, and philanthropy to alma mater and to the greater good. 

Pride - We are the Alma Mater of the Nation. We celebrate lifelong pride of William & Mary and the alumni community and encourage expressions of pride by our alumni around the world.



  • Create opportunities to engage alumni with each other and alma mater and raise the global prominence of William & Mary and its alumni
  • Promote an inclusive culture of alumni engagement and philanthropy (going, giving, and serving)
  • Sustain and grow a diversified and stable financial model
  • Implement best practices for board and staff recruiting, retention, and leadership


Adopted February 6, 2020