Honorary Alumni

The William & Mary Alumni Association grants the status of Honorary Alumni to non-alumni with a distinguished record of service, support, advocacy and commitment on behalf of William & Mary and its schools, departments, units, organizations and boards. Throughout the year, the Alumni Association accepts letters of nomination for this distinguished award.

To nominate someone for Honorary Alumnus or Honorary Alumna status, submit a letter of nomination, or enter online, that details the length, scope and unusual nature of involvement or support of the individual you believe deserves this award. Describe his or her visible and consistent involvement, loyalty, and affection for W&M, e.g., active participation, generosity, leadership, financial assistance, prominent advocacy, and counsel.  Please note that retired faculty and staff are normally accorded status as Associate Alumni and therefore Honorary Alumnus is not warranted. 

To mail in a nomination send letters to:
The William & Mary Alumni Association
ATTN: Honorary Alumni Award 
P.O. Box 2100, Williamsburg VA 23187-2100.  

Nominations are due no later than December 15 and acted upon during the board’s winter meeting in February.

If you have any questions, please email alumniceo@wm.edu.

Name Year Honored
W. Barry Adams 1994
Edward L. Allman 2000
Gordon Angles 2006
James “Jamie” Armstrong 2022
Ann Green Baise 2017
Sue Anne Bangel 2001
Charles Augustus Banks 2005
Mari Ann Banks 2017
Jane P. Batten 2017
Jean Beall 2010
Susie Beck 2001
Karen Beldegreen 2006
Ann M. Boehm 2011
Jack Borgenicht 1996
David M. Brashear 2007
Betti Brown 2006
Jay Mitchell Brown 2009
Marilyn Brown 2007
Mary Busbee 2003
Robert J. Byrne 2002
James Carter 2010
Wendy Carter 2010
Gillian Cell 2003
Betsy Cobbledick 1997
Steve Cole 2001
Jay Colley 2003
Lois Critchfield 2006
Charles F. Crone 2004
John Daly 2016
Patricia Demoff 2014
Marcel Desaulniers 2001
Douglas A. Donald 2000
Susan Driscoll 2017
Terry Driscoll 2017
Thomas Duffy 2022
Nancy L. Dunham 2000
Patricia (Patti) J. Dwyer 2020
Gilbert E. Elston 2013
Lee Johnston Foster 2013
Valerie Foradas 2021
Jody Forsyth 2022
Michael Fox 2016
Eric Friberg 2004
Robert E. Fritts (posthumously) 2015
A. John Gabig 2005
Cliff Gauthier 2014
Nancy George 2003
Robert A. Glacel 2016
Eileen Glenn 2015
Joseph Gofus 2018
Thomas A. Graves Jr. 2002
Zoe Ann Wasson Graves 2010
Michael Halleran 2021
Carroll F. S. Hardy 2012
R. Philip Herget III 2012
John Jamison 2008
Dudley Jensen 2008
Stephen A. Johnsen 2018
Louise Lambert Kale 2009
Ann Moore Kauffman (posthumously) 2005
John Kauffman 2005
Ruth Kernodle 2008
Wayne Kernodle 2008
Mike Kokolis 2005
Alex Kurland 2019
Kenneth H. Lownes 2012
David J. Lutzer 1995
Elizabeth MacLeish 2006
Eff and Patty Martin 2013
Nancy H. Marshall 1997
Paul N. Massey 2007
Hallett Mathews 2002
Peter Meredith 2022
Sharon and Joseph L. Muscarelle Jr. 2016
Betsy Nagelsen McCormack 2009
Linda Montgomery 2002
Bonnie L. Nunnally 2004
Henry Nunnally 2004
George Oliver 2002
S. Dean Olson 1995
Alfred N. Page 1997
Joseph Pinotti 2008
Helen Bond Reveley 2018
W. Taylor Reveley III 2018
Thomas Rideout 2015
Kathleen Ring 2015
Arthur R. Seder Jr. 2009
Marion Seder 2009
L. Clifford Schroeder 2008
Joel Schwartz 2018
Faye F. Shealy 2013
Frank Shatz 2015
Mark Shenkman 2015
Howard W. Smith, Sr. 2007
J. William Speegle 2007
Deborah B. Spirn 2016
Daniel G. Stimson 2011
Carlton Stockton 2003
Margaret Stockton 2003
Carol Taylor 2014
Hon. John Charles Thomas 2018
J. Goodenow Tyler III 2011
Anne Martin Ward 2011
Jeanne Harris Weaver 2017
J. Maury Werth 2004
Millie B. West 1991
Rolf Williams 2000
Alyce G. Willis 2004
Anne Steuart Gantt Wilson 2005
Dixie Davis Wolf 2010
William T. Wolf 2000
James Yankovich 1995