Network Leader Resources

Welcome! We are so grateful for you and for all of our volunteer leaders. The William & Mary Alumni Association (WMAA) connects the William & Mary community to one another and back to alma mater. As an Alumni Association Network Leader, we look to you to help forge these connections.

Whether you are involved with our alumni admissions, affinity, inclusion, professional or regional networks, you play a key role in engaging W&M alumni. By acting as an ambassador for the WMAA within your own networks, you strengthen the W&M experience for all, for all time coming.

Thank you for your service to alma mater!

Volunteers as Partners

The WMAA views its network volunteer leadership teams as partners to the alumni engagement staff, working towards the same goal, to serve the mission of cultivating a vibrant and inclusive alumni community committed to deepening connections with each other and William & Mary for all time coming.

The role of volunteer leaders

Volunteer leaders serve as experts, identifying unique opportunities in each region and/or network to help engage the W&M community. Volunteers also host and lead local engagement opportunities. They assist staff by recommending speakers, venues and ideas. Volunteers also promote opportunities to their W&M networks through word of mouth, emails and social media. Volunteers act as leaders in the W&M community by learning and sharing how alumni, parents, family and friends are looking to engage with each other and with alma mater.

The role of Alumni Engagement staff

The WMAA, through the university Alumni Engagement staff, helps manage finances, marketing and communication for engagement opportunities and programs. Staff serve as partners at the university, keeping volunteers up to date on opportunities to engage with William & Mary. Staff work alongside volunteers to develop an engagement strategy and plan. Finally, staff focus on data analysis to guide strategic planning, including demographic data on who is engaging, giving behavior data and surveying registrants after engagement opportunities to gather critical feedback.

For questions, concerns or to speak further about the WMAA’s role, please reach out to your Alumni Engagement liaison.