Douglas N. Morton '62 Alumni Service Awards


The 2024 Alumni Medallion and Service Awards Ceremony was held on Feb. 9, 2024, at 10 a.m. in Commonwealth Auditorium at the Sadler Center. Learn more about this year's honorees in the winter issue of the W&M Alumni Magazine and watch a recording of the ceremony.

Call for 2024 nominations

Do you know someone who deserves to be recognized for exceptional service to the Alumni Association and W&M over the past year through involvement with chapters, clubs or constituent alumni organizations? The Alumni Service Award and Young Alumni Service Awards are given on the basis of service, loyalty, commitment and leadership. Selections are made in the spring at the Alumni Association Board of Directors meeting and the awards are bestowed in September. Nominations are due by April 1, 2024. Please submit your nomination by completing the form online.

The Douglas N. Morton '62 Alumni Service Awards are an alumni recognition award for exceptional service by alumni on behalf of alumni chapters, clubs, constituent organizations or associations, the Alumni Association, and in special instances, William & Mary and its schools. Any person (graduate or undergraduate) who qualifies as an alumnus according to the Bylaws, and is within 10 years of their undergraduate graduation, regardless of institution, are considered for the Douglas N. Morton '62 Young Alumni Service Award.

Inaugurated at the awards ceremony in September 2016, the naming of the awards pays tribute to Douglas N. Morton’s dedicated leadership and his powerful legacy. As noted in the dedication citation, “Doug Morton was an exemplary human.  He was one of W&M’s most accomplished and distinguished alumni and an extraordinarily generous and caring human being who lived a life of great meaning for other people. Doug gave selflessly and generously of his time, talent and treasure, and he was acknowledged for his contributions as both an Alumni Medallion recipient and a Homecoming Grand Marshal.

To nominate someone for an Alumni Service Award, please fill out this form. Please email Alumni Events at with any questions.


Ashley V. Glacel ’02
Katherine "Kathy" Dalton Mika ’79, P ’09
Luis H. Navas ’82, P ’13
Kelsey M. Carpenter ’15, M.P.P. ’16, Young Alumni Service Award
Alexandra G. "Ally" Phillips ’16, Young Alumni Service Award
Carlton R. Smith ’15, M.ED. ’17, Young Alumni Service Award


Karen Burnett ’72
Jimmy Lockedmonds ’08, M.Acc. ’09
Tamara Wamsley ’80, P ’06, P ’11
Katherine Covino ’12, Young Alumni Service Award
Thalia Hernandez ’18, Young Alumni Service Award


Angela A. Casolaro '06
Shanda A. Cooper '06
Jacqueline C. Langholtz '05
S. Paul Lendway '11, Young Alumni Service Award
Kayla N. Sharpe '17, Young Alumni Service Award


Benjamin I. Boone ’07, M.Ed. ’09, Ph.D. ’19
James R. Taylor ’69 & Ronnee R. Taylor ’69
Margaret (Molly) Lehner Wolff ’98


Benjamin M. DeMaria ’05
Thomas L. Johnson Jr. ’92
Sherri Sell Phillips ’83, P '14, P '16
Christina R. Bianchi ’09
Jessica F. Chilin-Hernández ’12, Young Alumni Service Award


Joanna Lee Ashworth '84
Latoya C. Asia J.D. '09
C. Paul Brockwell, Jr. '07
Kathryn H. Floyd '05
Hon. T. Montgomery Mason '89
Emily Gerdelman Ridjaneck '07
Brian J. Focarino '11, J.D. '15, Young Alumni Service Award


John M. Hurley '72
Eileen A. Olds J.D. '82
John P. Rathbone '77, P '02, P '05
Cornelia Westerman Wolf '45
David T. Libertson '09, Young Alumni Service Award
J. Robert McKetta '05, Young Alumni Service Award


Carolyn H. Chrisman '78
Betty Ann Lasley '61
Barbara L. Ramsey '75
Kirsten A. Shiroma '05, Young Alumni Service Award
Ashley E. Slaff '08, Young Alumni Service Award


Mark S. Batzel '88
Van Black '75
Eric H. Chen '00
Mark J. Hall '84
Nathan T. Belcher '09, M.A.Ed. '10, Young Alumni Service Award
Lauren Jean Chen '02, Young Alumni Service Award


Fred E. Banister, Jr. M.B.A. '84
Thomas G. Lightner '58
Mark O. Shriver, IV '71
Susan H. Wayland '68
Angela Casolaro '06, Young Alumni Service Award
Jeremy B. Utt '03, M.A.Ed. '06, Young Alumni Service Award


Kristen Faust '93
Brianna Bates '09, Young Alumni Service Award 
Beau Blumberg '11, J.D. '14, Young Alumni Service Award 
Hope Huynh '06, Young Alumni Service Award 


Nickolas P. Apostolou '75
A. Cameron Blandford '62
Beth E. Bower '06, Young Alumni Service Award 


Sheryll L. Elston '74
Nancy Moore Kiser '60
Cristina Lambert Breslin '01, Young Alumni Service Award
Theresa E. McReynolds '99, Young Alumni Service Award


Celia Cohan Fenolietto '80
Rev. Frederick P. Gibbs '58
Troy D. Keen '96
Douglas S. Wood '63, J.D. '72
R. Marc Johnson '04, Young Alumni Service Award
Julie Rogers Murawski '99, Young Alumni Service Award 


Howard J. Busbee '65, J.D. '67, M.L.T. '68
Virginia E. Horner '05, Young Alumni Service Award 


Sandra Dixon Bowen '63
Martha Wren Briggs '55
John P. Kyle '67
John C. Marsh '55
David H. Murphy '84
Benjamin B. Pomeroy '68
Bob Podstepny '74
Kendrick F. Ashton Jr. '98, Young Alumni Service Award
Elyce C. Morris '98, Young Alumni Service Award 


Tiffany Reed Silverman '95, Young Alumni Service Award


Keith R. Carlson '83
Mark Romano '90
Angela Evans Romano '91
Howard Straughan Jr. '52
Daniel B. Maxey '02, Young Alumni Service Award
Kevin "KT" J. Turner '95, Young Alumni Service Award 


E. Huntington Brown '54
John Hopke '80
Warren P. Joblin '60
Nancy Wonnell Matthews '76
John M. Poma '86, M.B.A. '00
Maria Monteverde-Jackson '93, Young Alumni Service Award


E. Huntington Brown '54
John Hopke '80
Elaine Elias Kappel '55
Cynthia Bennett Satterwhite '77
Bob Sheeran '67
Stuart D. Spirn '67, J.D. '70
Winfred O. Ward '54
Henry Wilde '53
Michael Cummings '93, Young Alumni Service Award 
Matthew Fine '94, Young Alumni Service Award


Gigi Cramer '66, M.F.A. '67
Rene Henry '54
Steve McNamee '81
John H. Munger '53
Carolyn Todd Schaubach '59
Ruth Weimer Tillar '45
Bonnie Joblin Crews '92, Young Alumni Service Award 
Clenise Platt '94, Young Alumni Service Award 


Julian W. Fore '71
George C. Grant MA '62
J. William Harrison Jr. '60
Joan F. Showalter '55
Ann-Meade Baskervill Simpson '65
James R. Coffman '94, Young Alumni Service Award
Jennifer Jester Coffman '93, Young Alumni Service Award 
Laura L. Flippin '92, Young Alumni Service Award 
Monty Mason '89, Young Alumni Service Award 


Joseph S. Agee '52, M.Ed.'56
Carl Wayne Cheek '61
James D. Dorsey '61
John H. Fritz '48
Christopher J. Honenberger '74, J.D. '77
Maurice Lynch M.A. '65, Ph.D. '72
Theresa Thompson '67
Joyce Anzolut Coleburn '90, Young Alumni Service Award
Margaret Margiotta Melson '88, Young Alumni Service Award


John W. Dayton '50
Constance Warren Desaulniers '75
Fred L. Frechette '46
John W. Gerdelman '75
James B. Newman '73
John Poma '86, M.B.A. '00, Young Alumni Service Award 


Donald C. Beck '64
Ann Terrell Garrett '40
Randall S. Hawthorne '67
Raymond T. Waller '40
Carol Achenbach Wright '49
Jay C. Austin '89, Young Alumni Service Award
L. John Fedewa Jr. '89, Young Alumni Service Award


William A. Armbruster '57
David P. Beach JD '65
Stephen Patrick Carney '72 J..D '80
Peter Dun Grover M.B.A. '81
Mary Louise Shannon M.Ed. '67
Walter W. Stout '64
Kristen Marie White '86


Arthur B. Metheny '40, M.A.Ed. '53
Judy Poarch Nance '69
Peter M. Nance '66
R. Bradshaw Pulley '39
Spencer L. Timm '66
Mel Wright '47


J. Coleman Anthony '52
Robert F. Boyd '50, B.C.L. '52
Robert C. Elliott II J.D. '69
D. Jackson Martin Jr. '53
Richard V. Savage '56
Ray C. Stoner J.D. '71
Lesley A. Ward '63


Eugene B. Galusha '63
Channing Hall III JD '85, M.L.T. '86
Jeanne Lull Hopke '80
J. Patsy R. Joyner C.A.S.E. '83, Ed.D. '89
Andrew Lark '79
Kay Rouse Lark '76
Allen C. Tanner '46, B.C.L. '49
Barbara Lynn Wheeler '56


Marilyn Miller Entwisle '44
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Raymond Robert Goodhart '65
James John Seu '53
Thaddeus R. Shelly III M.B.A. '84
Mary Jo White JD '84
Elizabeth C. Young-Kirksey '83