Coach of the Year

The Alumni Association Coach of the Year Award recognizes exceptional achievement in coaching an intercollegiate varsity sport at William & Mary. The award is presented based on the overall competitive records, improvement and academic success of the athletes participating on the teams, and on the impact, both personally and athletically, of the coaches.

Name Sport Year of Award
Mike London Football 2023
Forest Braden Cross Country 2022
Jeff Kader Men's Tennis 2021
Dane Fischer Men's Basketball 2020
Christopher M. Norris '95 Men's Soccer 2018
Tyler Thompson Women’s Tennis 2017
Brian Murphy Baseball 2016
Matt Crispino ’02 Men’s & Women’s Swimming 2015
Cliff Gauthier Hon. ʼ14 Men’s Gymnastics 2014
Jill Miller Women’s Track & Cross Country 2013
James C. Pinzino Baseball 2013
Tyler J. Thomson Women’s Tennis 2013
Matt Crispino ’02 Men’s & Women’s Swimming 2012
Christopher M. Norris ’95 Men’s Soccer 2011
Jimmye M. Laycock ’70 Football 2010
Tony L. Shaver Men’s Basketball 2010
Alexander M. Gibby ’97 Men’s Cross Country 2010
Christopher M. Norris ’95 Men’s Soccer 2009
Tony L. Shaver Men’s Basketball 2008
P. McGee Moody Women's Swimming 2007
Debra L. Taylor ’86  Women’s Basketball 2006
Jimmye M. Laycock '70 Football 2005
Kevin Epley Women’s Tennis 2004
Daniel G. Stimson Director, Track & Field 2003
Cliff Gauthier Men’s Gymnastics 2002
Andrew L. Gerard Men’s Cross Country 2001
Peel S. Hawthorne ’80  Women’s Field Hockey 2001
John Daly Women’s Soccer 2000
Patrick Van Rossum Women’s Track & Cross Country 1999
Brian Kalbas Women’s Tennis 1998
Charlie Woollum ’62  Men’s Basketball 1998
Alan F. Albert ’69, MEd ’71  Men’s Soccer 1997
Jimmye M. Laycock ’70  Football 1997