2022 Alumni Medallion & Service Awards Ceremony

This year, the W&M Alumni Association will honor Alumni Medallion and Service Award recipients in one ceremony over Charter Day Weekend. The Alumni Medallion recognizes individuals who have exemplary accomplishments in their professional life, service to the community, state or nation, and loyalty and commitment to William & Mary. The Douglas N. Morton '62 Alumni Service Awards recognize alumni and young alumni for exceptional service on behalf of alumni chapters, clubs, constituent organizations or associations, the Alumni Association, and in special instances, William & Mary and its schools.

The Alumni Medallion is the highest and most prestigious award the William & Mary Alumni Association can bestow on a graduate of William & Mary. The 2022 recipients are:

  • Thomas L. Demakes ’65
  • Bruce C. Holbrook ’71, P ’00, P ’01
  • Michael Tang ’76, P ’13
  • Gail Williams Wertz ’66, M.A. ’20

The 2021 Douglas N. Morton '62 Service Awards recipients are:

  • Angela A. Casolaro '06
  • Shanda A. Cooper '06
  • Jacqueline C. Langholtz '05

The 2021 Douglas N. Morton '62 Young Alumni Service Awards recipients are:

  • S. Paul Lendway '11
  • Kayla N. Sharpe '17

The 2021 Faculty/Staff Service award recipient is:

  • Jeffrey Herrick

The 2021 Coach of the Year is:

  • Jeffrey A. Kader '05, Men's Tennis