Travel Insurance

Since 1996, the William & Mary Alumni Association has chosen USI Travel Insurance Services to provide travel insurance for alumni and friends. Every year, Travel Insurance Select gives peace of mind to thousands of travelers just like you. Be sure you are adequately insured for your next trip - whether participating in an Alumni Journeys tour or traveling on your own. 

Passport Information

If you are traveling internationally, you must apply for a passport at least three months before you plan to travel. If you have a current passport it must be valid until six months after your return date.

Passport forms can be obtained online at

You can mail your passport to a regional passport office directly, or your local courthouse can provide that service for you for a small fee.


Allow yourself plenty of time to arrive at the airport to park the car, check in at the counter and clear customs before your flight is boarded. Current time suggestions are two hours prior to domestic flights and three for international flights.


Many destinations do not require visas. If you are traveling to a country that requires either individual or group visas the tour organizer will send you the appropriate paperwork and instructions for you to follow to obtain the necessary visa.

Immunizations and Health

Find out about disease outbreaks or health advisories in the country(ies) that you will be traveling to through the Centers for Disease Control at or call them toll free at 1-877-FYI-TRIP (394-8747).


If you want to check the travel in the region you will be traveling to, check out the Weather Channel at A good source for international weather is through Yahoo!.


Pack clothes around one or two colors and bring layers so you are prepared for all temperatures. Bring walking shoes that you have already broken in to keep your feet happy. Check with the airlines for any weight or size limitations, or your travel operator will send you information for your destination.


Most tours offer travelers the option of purchasing tickets independently, or on a scheduled flight with the groups. Motorcoach transfers from airports to hotels or ships are provided for those passengers who have purchased the group air. If you are an independent traveler you are responsible to find your way to the hotel or ship separately from the group.

Money issues

Travelers Checks are good everywhere but come with a fee and you may need to cash them in a bank with your passport. This may be restrictive depending on bank hours. While major stores in large cities will accept Travelers Checks for payment, some small shops may not accept them. Many countries, but not all, use ATMs and are easily accessible. Cash can be changed anywhere but it is not recommended that your carry large amounts with you. Having one major credit card along for purchases or cash advances is suggested.

Currency Converter

Safety – State Department Advisories

Check out the latest State Department advisories to keep current on issues and customs in the region of the world you are traveling to at


To obtain a map of your destination check out or Google Maps


Photos of your travels are priceless. It is recommended that your bring extra batteries and plenty of film on your trip to avoid disappointment. You can protect your film by placing it in a lead bag (obtained at a camera store).