Alumni Service Awards

The  Alumni Service Award is an alumni recognition award for exceptional service by alumni  on behalf of alumni chapters, clubs, constituent organizations or associations, the Alumni Association, and in special instances, the William & Mary and its schools. 

To nominate someone for an Alumni Service Award, please fill out this form. Please email Alumni Events at with any questions.


Honoree Service
Marilyn Miller Entwisle '44 Alumni Admission Network
Charlotte Tolley Etgen '59 Alumni Admission Network
Raymond Robert Goodhart '65 Association of 1775
James John Seu '53 Order of the White Jacket
Thaddeus R. Shelly III MBA '84 MBA Alumni Association
Mary Jo White JD '84 W&M Law School Association
Elizabeth C. Young-Kirksey '83 Hulon Willis Association



Honoree Service
Eugene B. Galusha '63 NYC Alumni Chapter
Channing Hall III JD '85, '86 MLT W&M Law School
Jeanne Lull Hopke '80 Williamsburg Alumni Chapter
J. Patsy R. Joyner CAS '83, EDD '89 School of Education
Andrew Lark '79 W&M Endowment Association
Kay Rouse Lark '76 W&M Endowment Association & NYC/Northern NJ Alumni Chapters
Allen C. Tanner '46, BCL '49 Order of the White Jacket
Barbara Lynn Wheeler '56 Alumni Admission Network and Northern NJ Alumni Chapter



Honoree Service
J. Coleman Anthony '52 Alumni Band Organization
Robert F. Boyd '50, BCL '52 W&M Endowment Association
Robert C. Elliott II JD '69 W&M Law School Association
D. Jackson Martin Jr. '53 Association of 1775
Richard V. Savage '56 Athletic Educational Foundation
Ray C. Stoner JD '71 W&M Endowment Association
Lesley A. Ward '63 Atlanta and NYC Chapters



Honoree Service
Arthur B. Metheny '40, MEd '53 Order of the White Jacket
Judy Poarch Nance '69 W&M Endowment Association
Peter M. Nance '66 W&M Endowment Association
R. Bradshaw Pulley '39 Olde Guarde
Spencer L. Timm '66 Friends of the Library
Mel Wright '47 Lower Northern Neck Chapter



Honoree Service
William A. Armbruster '57 Society of the Alumni
David P. Beach JD '65 San Francisco Chapter
Stephen Patrick Carney '72 JD '80 W&M Law School Association
Peter Dun Grover MBA '81 W&M MBA Alumni Association
Mary Louise Shannon MEd '67 North Florida Chapter
Walter W. Stout '64 Athletic Educational Foundation
Kristen Marie White '86 Alumni Admission Network



Honoree Service
Donald C. Beck '64 Society of the Alumni
Ann Terrell Garrett '40 Society of the Alumni
Randall S. Hawthorne '67 Athletic Educational Foundation
Raymond T. Waller '40 Olde Guarde
Carol Achenbach Wright '49 Lower Northern Neck Chapter



Honoree Service
John W. Dayton '50 Class of 1950
Constance Warren Desaulniers '75 Society of the Alumni
Fred L. Frechette '46 Olde Guarde
John W. Gerdelman '75 Endowment Association
James B. Newman '73 Charlottesville Alumni Chapter



Honoree Service
Joseph S. Agee '52, MEd '56 Athletic Educational Foundation
Carl Wayne Cheek '61 Athletic Educational Foundation
James D. Dorsey '61 OWJ and Association of 1775
John H. Fritz '48 Association of 1775
Christopher J. Honenberger '74, JD '77 OWJ, W&M Law Assoc. & Foundation
Maurice Lynch MA '65, PhD '72 Botetourt Alumni Chapter
Theresa Thompson '67 W&M Endowment Association



Honoree Service
Julian W. Fore '71 Alumni Society, Endowment & Assn. and Fund for W&M
George C. Grant MA '62 Botetourt Alumni Chapter
J. William Harrison Jr. '60 Athletic Educational Foundation
Joan F. Showalter '55 Alumni Society, Roanoke Chapter
Ann-Meade Baskervill Simpson '65 Society of the Alumni



Honoree Service
Gigi Cramer '66, MFA '67 San Diego Alumni Chapter
Rene Henry '54 Fund for W&M and William & Mary Alumni Association
Steve McNamee '81 AEF
John H. Munger '53 William & Mary Alumni Association
Carolyn Todd Schaubach '59 William & Mary Alumni Association
Ruth Weimer Tillar '45 William & Mary Alumni Association



Honoree Service
E. Huntington Brown '54 Order of the White Jacket
John Hopke '80 Williamsburg Alumni Chapter
Elaine Elias Kappel '55 William & Mary Alumni Association
Cynthia Bennett Satterwhite '77 Endowment Association
Bob Sheeran '67 Order of the White Jacket
Stuart D. Spirn '67, J.D. '70 AEF
Winfred O. Ward '54 Swem Library
Henry Wilde '53 Class of 1953



Honoree Service
E. Huntington Brown '54 Order of the White Jacket
John Hopke '80 Williamsburg Alumni Chapter
Warren P. Joblin '60 Connecticut Alumni Chapter
Nancy Wonnell Matthews '76 AEF
John M. Poma '86, M.B.A. '00 Richmond Alumni Chapter



Honoree Service
Keith R. Carlson '83 William & Mary Alumni Association 
Mark Romano '90 AEF
Angela Evans Romano '91 AEF
Howard Straughan Jr. '52 Lower Northern Neck Alumni Chapter 



Honoree Service
Sandra Dixon Bowen '63 Richmond Alumni Chapter
Martha Wren Briggs '55 William & Mary Alumni Association
John P. Kyle '67 William & Mary Alumni Association
John C. Marsh '55 Williamsburg Alumni Chapter
David H. Murphy '84 Richmond Alumni Chapter
Benjamin B. Pomeroy '68 Richmond Alumni Chapter
Bob Podstepny '74 Richmond Alumni Chapter



Honoree Service
Howard J. Busbee ’65, JD ’67, MLT ’68  William & Mary Foundation Board



Honoree Service
Celia Cohan Fenolietto ’80 Charleston Low Country Chapter
Rev. Frederick P. Gibbs ’58  Williamsburg Alumni Chapter/Olde Guarde Council
Troy D. Keen ’96 Greater Charlotte Alumni Chapter 
Douglas S. Wood ’63, J.D. ’72 Williamsburg Alumni Chapter



Honoree Service
Capt. Sheryll L. Elston ‘74 Williamsburg Alumni Chapter
Nancy Moore Kiser ‘60 Lower Northern Neck Alumni Chapter



Honoree Service
Nickolas P. Apostolou ’75 Roanoke Alumni Chapter
A. Cameron Blandford ’62 Lower Northern Neck Alumni Chapter



Fred E. Banister, Jr. MBA ʼ84
Thomas G. Lightner ʼ58
Mark O. Shriver, IV ʼ71
Susan H. Wayland ʼ68



Mark S. Batzel ʼ88
Van Black ʼ75
Eric H. Chen ʼ00
Mark J. Hall ʼ84


Douglas N. Morton '62 Alumni Service Awards

  • Carolyn H. Chrisman ʼ78
  • Betty Ann Lasley ʼ61
  •  Barbara L. Ramsey ʼ75

Douglas N. Morton '62  Young Alumni Service Awards

  • Kirsten A. Shiroma ʼ05
  • Ashley E. Slaff ʼ08

Staff Service Award

  • John W. Dutro, Support Services Coordinator, Facilities Management

Coach of the Year Award   

  • Brian P. Murphy, Baseball

2016 Alumni Fellowship Awards

  • Christopher A. Freiman, Philosophy
  • Tara L. Grove, Law
  • John T. Lombardini, Government
  • Pieter Peers, Computer Science
  • Kristin L. Wustholz, Chemistry