Salon Series on Leadership in Times of Crisis Part 3

Originally aired on July 22, 2020
Presented by Carol O'Connell ’69; Fran Engoron ’70; Susan Magill ’72
Our world is facing three crises today: the COVID-19 pandemic, a serious economic recession and the selective denial of human rights based on race and ethnicity. This is not the first time in history that people across the world have taken the opportunity to be agents of positive change in times of crisis. Often, those people are women who rise as leaders and serve as voices for their communities. This Salon Series explores historical and current major crises through the lens of women leaders.

If you would like to explore this topic, join Society of 1918 members Carol O'Connell ’69, Fran Engoron ’70 and Susan Magill ’72 and their guests to discuss what we can learn and apply from other talented leaders. This Salon Series titled "Leadership in Times of Crisis" will be based on six short essays available for advance reading and three webinars over the course of three weeks. Carol, Fran, Susan and a number of special guests Beth Comstock ’82, Jeremy Martin Ph.D. ’12, M.B.A. ’17, Mashea Mason Ashton ’96, M.A.Ed. ’97 and Barbara Johnson J.D. ’84 will serve as facilitators for dialogues on leadership values, organizing for action, powerful communications, the importance of innovation and the power of women acting collectively. During the third week, participants will consider W&M's response to current events.
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