Brendan Helm '18
Bands: Kristen Merritt and Clever Complaints, formerly Mayors Kids and e.g. shell
Chadds Ford, PA

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My name is Brendan Helm, and I am a 2018 grad from W&M who studied international relations during my time there. While I did not major or minor in music at W&M, I was fortunate to be active in the music scene and was able to play with several bands. During this time, I really honed my craft as a drummer and became an overall better musician. I also met some of my best friends doing this and I am very grateful that I was afforded that opportunity while at W&M. After graduating, I moved to Chicago to continue working with one of the bands I played with at W&M and worked for a policy research institute as my full time job. While I recently left Chicago to move back to Pennsylvania, I will continue playing and making music.

My time at W&M cemented in my mind that I want to be a musician. I learned a lot about myself and the world during those years, but my greatest takeaway was learning the joy of creating music with others.