Kristopher Charles Malone '15
Band: KDC Guild
Washington, D.C.

For KDC Guild, the process is just as important as the product. Our mission is to create a platform for artists with diverse disciplines and backgrounds from around the world to combine their talents and ideas. Through music, art, comedy, video and live events, the KDC Guild aims to build connections and take risks, empowering and inspiring each collaborator involved in the project to surprise themselves with their art and be vulnerable in their expression.

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Art has always been in my life. My grandmother was an artist and I come from the deeply rooted cultural community from growing up in D.C. It was a beautiful upbringing. W&M is the kind of school that has all of the historical depth that makes you question things and be proud about the good accomplishments. It offers a lot of freedom and you can truly make your experience how you see fit. I designed my life when I was at W&M. I am forever grateful.