Liam Farrell '18
Fairfield, CT

Liam is a jazz pianist and was a music and government double major at W&M. He performed with and directed the Wham Bam Big Band, traveled with a jazz trio to For the Bold campaign fundraising events around the country, accompanied various choral, musical theatre and Homebrew performances, and played on the drumline of the W&M Pep Band. After graduating from college, he attended law school at Boston University and will be beginning work at a law firm in New York City in October. Since his time at W&M, Liam has stayed involved in music by performing solo, conducting a musical theatre pit orchestra and performing with his law school band.

My time at W&M as a musician was special because I was surrounded by so many other enthusiastic musicians. I had the opportunity to immerse myself in music every day and expand my own horizons by participating in a variety of musical endeavors. Even as I pursue a legal career, the spirit of collaboration and inspiration from my days as a musician at W&M continue to affect my daily work in ways I would have never expected.