Arnie Reed ‘64, Wayne Jones ‘68, Andrew Reeve ‘68, Ross "Buck" Collins ‘67, Harvey Bryant ‘68, and (James) Michael Hanson ‘70
Band: The Strangers (active at W&M 1964-68)
Williamsburg, VA

The Strangers were a student rock band formed independently of the Music Department. Three of us (Wayne, Harvey and Arnie) met while freshman at Brown dormitory in 1964. We advertised for a bass player and drummer. Andrew Reeve lived in town, so we rehearsed at his house. Buck Collins joined but didn't have a bass, so Arnie played the bass lines on his Wurlitzer Electric Piano until Buck acquired a bass. We practiced off campus and played for fraternity parties and other events on and off campus. Our first gig was December 1964 playing for the Sailing Club Christmas Party at the Student Center.


LISTEN to "run for your life" ON YouTube

LISTEN to "I Wish it were spring" ON YouTube


The Strangers operated independently of the university, and thus we consider ourselves the true "renegades."