Asian-Pacific Islander-Middle Eastern/Southwest Asian Alumni of William & Mary (APIM)

The W&M APIM Alumni group consists of alumni who self-identify as Asian, Pacific Islander and Middle Eastern/Southwest Asian who are working to foster a greater sense of community at William & Mary.

A team of volunteer leaders from APIM Alumni and other alumni groups convenes throughout the year for Leadership Circles — focused, action-oriented discussions on how to better serve alumni in these communities and encourage engagement, leadership and philanthropy.

Statement of support in the wake of the circumstances in Afghanistan:

"We are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny. Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly." - Martin Luther King, Jr.

The situation in Afghanistan is heartbreaking, and it has no doubt directly affected W&M alumni and the W&M community more broadly.

The Asian, Pacific Islander, and Middle Eastern (APIM) Alumni Leadership Circle recognizes the plight and volatility affecting Afghans right now. We are conscious of the shared feelings that arise from instability at home and with one's identity. Though the APIM Alumni Leadership Circle does not engage directly in advocacy on matters of government action or legislation, we know that individual alumni are involved and advocating vigorously in both their professional and personal capacities.

We are hopeful that the people of Afghanistan, Afghans in the diaspora, and the world community will see that the tides will turn to once again see a safe and prosperous homeland in Afghanistan.

William & Mary is hosting various opportunities where you can speak with policymakers or learn from Professors or others who have been involved in the region through the years. 

[Interview] U.S. troop withdrawal from Afghanistan: A Q&A with Rani Mullen

[Interview]  All I Am Hoping For Is A Miracle: William & Mary Graduate Sarina Faizy '21 Fears For The Future Of Her Native Afghanistan on WHRO news

[Counseling Centers]

Refugee Behavioral Health - SAMHSA 

American Counseling Association: Counseling Refugees: Addressing Trauma, Stress, and Resilience  

Military Crisis Line: 1-800-273-8255, then press 1, available 24/7

Military Crisis Line Text Option: Text 838255, available 24/7  

Exemplary Practices for Counseling Military Populations  

Military One Source   

Asian Centennial Celebration Events
Asian Centennial Celebration Events

William & Mary will celebrate the Asian Centennial commemorating the admission of Chen Pu-Kao '23, the first student from Asia, and celebrate the contribution of the preceding generations of students of Asian, Pacific Islander and Middle Eastern descent during the 2021 - 2022 academic year. This auspicious milestone allows us to reflect on the onset of inclusion amidst the overwhelming exclusion of African Americans from matriculating in the university.

A list of fall 2021 events

More information on the Centennial

Engage Online
Engage Online

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On-Demand Webinars

W&M APIM Professionals: Celebrating and Strengthening our Community
Originally aired on June 17, 2021
Presented by Clem Cheng ’86, Clarissa Delgado ’09, Baiyin Murphy ’10, Amandeep Sidhu ’00
W&M alumnus Clem Cheng ’86, SVP of HR at Comcast, moderates a discussion with fellow alumni, Clarissa Delgado ’09, COO and co-founder of Teach for the Philippines, Baiyin Murphy ’10, general partner at Indicator Ventures, and Amandeep Sidhu ’00, partner at Winston & Strawn, on overcoming career challenges and their thoughts on the current environment for the APIM community.
Enjoy a sneak peek of the program!

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