The Alumni Medallion

First awarded in 1934, the Alumni Medallion is the highest and most prestigious award given by the Alumni Association. It is presented annually during Charter Day Weekend to as many as four alumni. Qualified nominees must have completed studies (undergraduate or graduate) at least 10 years prior to the awarding.

This nomination should identify individual involvement through activities, programs and regular and sustained contact with the institution, its departments and schools. The description should cite sincerity and devotion to William & Mary through contributions of time, talent, counsel, advocacy and resources. Nominees should have demonstrated professional or career achievements that indicate exceptional leadership, inspirational management, uncommon vision or creativity, rare talent, entrepreneurship, unusual skills or dedication that has been highly laudable and admired among peers, subordinates and associates. Leadership service to community, state or nation requires a record of protracted dedication, commitment and involvement that extends beyond routine membership, standard organizational requirements and attendance.

It is the intention of the Alumni Association that all three areas be evaluated and considered equally in determining exemplary achievement. However, there may be valid and compelling reasons for individuals to be deemed worthy of consideration based largely on exceptional achievements in one or two areas that exceed levels attained by even the most accomplished or heralded Alumni Medallion recipients.

NOTE: Nominators are responsible for submitting complete nomination packets on behalf of a candidate. Three (3) supporting letters that underscore the extent of the nominee's achievements against the three criteria must accompany this nomination (additional letters will not be considered or reviewed). In addition, up to THREE items of additional information (resume, vita, news stories, etc.) may be included to help provide better understanding of the nominee's achievements (again, more than three items will not be considered). Award Submissions are due by April 1 each year. The supporting letters and any items of additional information to accompany this nomination may be emailed to or mailed to The W&M Alumni Association, ATTN: Alumni Medallion, Post Office Box 2100, Williamsburg, VA 23187-2100.