Annual Review & Accolades

Annual Review

The Annual Review includes a calendar of engagement opportunities tentatively planned for the upcoming year, network goals and a snapshot of the leadership roster. The Annual Review is mandatory for all regional networks to complete. This provides a yearly update to the Alumni Engagement team and WMAA as to how the networks are performing. The Annual Review is typically completed during the summer, leading up to a new fiscal year (July 1-June 30).

At the beginning of each fiscal year, network leaders re-affirm their volunteer commitment through the Roles & Responsibilities and Data & Confidentiality form. These forms should be reviewed and signed by each network leader on a regional leadership team each summer as part of the Annual Review. If there are any questions about these documents, please reach out to your regional engagement liaison.


The WMAA Networks and Affinity Groups Accolades are a way to honor affinity, identity, industry and regional networks that have demonstrated exemplary programming and commitment to engaging fellow alumni, parents, family and friends with alma mater. The Accolades recognize effective planning, programming, service and coordination of networks and affinity groups as well as individual network leaders, and provides them with resources for the upcoming fiscal year.

Each summer, networks have the option to submit for as many or as few Accolades as they choose to be recognized for the great engagement opportunities they held over the past year. Winners will be chosen by the WMAA and announced in the fall. Winning entries from previous Accolades winners are available online. Regional network leaders are encouraged to review these past winners for inspiration.