Hulon Willis Association (HWA) Webinars

Diverse Voices in Hollywood - Young Guarde Edition
Originally aired on June 24, 2021
Presented by Lauren Shippen ’13, Omar Kamara ’15, Evan Cunningham ’16, Liz Sykes ’06

W&M Young Guarde Lauren Shippen ’13, a writer with Atypical Artists, Omar Kamara ’15, a directing fellow at the AFI Conservatory, and Evan Cunningham ’16, a producer and songwriter, discuss diversity in the arts and entertainment industry and the focus on amplifying voices of underrepresented artists and creators. This discussion was moderated by Liz Sykes ’06, owner and producer of AVAdventure Productions.

Women's Health Series: Improving Maternal Health
Originally aired on March 9, 2021
Presented by Pamela Northam; Professor Claire McKinney; Dr. Camille Hammond; Kelly Cannon ’05; Dr. Vanessa Walker Harris

Join us as health experts explore increases in U.S. maternal deaths over the last two decades, pronounced racial disparities in maternal mortality and the interventions that can reverse these trends. President Katherine Rowe introduces First Lady of Virginia Pamela Northam for a keynote address, followed by a panel discussion moderated by Rachel Becker ’19, policy advisor to the secretary of health and human resources. Panelists include W&M Professor Claire McKinney; Dr. Camille Hammond, CEO of the Cade Foundation; Kelly Cannon ’05, senior director for Virginia Hospital and Healthcare Association; and Dr. Vanessa Walker Harris, deputy secretary of health and human resources for Virginia.

Adjusting Your Crown: The History of Black Hair and the CROWN Act
Originally aired on December 7, 2020
Presented by Prof. Latasha N. Eley, Tunisia Lumpkin, Lenise Robinson

The CROWN Coalition established the CROWN Act in 2019. This is a movement to eliminate discrimination of race-based hairstyles. Watch three panelists for a discussion of the history and language around black hair. They discuss the CROWN Act and its implications for people of color in America. Interested in learning more about the CROWN Act in addition to the discussion? Visit The Crown Act.

Invisible Racism: Alumni Author Conversation
Originally aired on October 7, 2020
Presented by Tamara Lucas Copeland ’73 and Viola Osborne Baskerville ’73

Take part in a discussion with Tamara Lucas Copeland ’73, author of “Daughters of the Dream: Eight Girls from Richmond who Grew up in the Civil Rights Era.”

Welcome to the City: What Does Equity Look Like? Diversity & Inclusion in Practice
Originally aired on September 24, 2020
Presented by Clarissa Delgado ‘09, Thalia Hernandez ‘18, Jamar Jones '13, Jackie Valles ‘19

Join us for a panel discussion of young alumni sharing their experiences post-graduation and how we can all work towards promoting diversity & inclusion within our W&M community and local communities. Panelists will discuss things like Microaggressions, how to be an ally, how to promote diversity and inclusion at work, and more! Q&A follows presentation.

The Intersection of COVID-19 and Race
Originally aired on July 16, 2020
Presented by Mo Barbosa, Prof. Iyabo Obasanjo, Prof. Angela Odoms-Young

The Intersection of COVID-19 and Race is an honest discussion surrounding health disparities and the ways in which COVID-19 effects marginalized populations. We will be joined by three panelists.