Business Webinars

Conversations & Connections: Tourism in Virginia
Originally aired on July 15, 2021
Presented by Alexis Swann M.B.A. '93, Cliff Fleet '91, M.A. '93, J.D. '95, M.B.A. '95, Lynelle Haugabrook '14 and Benming Zhang '16, J.D. '20

This virtual series sponsored by TowneBank brings together W&M leaders throughout Virginia to discuss business challenges, partnerships, and collaborations that build a stronger community. Alexis Swann M.B.A. '93 will moderate each discussion. This first session focused on "tourism in Virginia" and featured Cliff Fleet '91, M.A. '93, J.D. '95, M.B.A. '95, Lynelle Haugabrook '14 and Benming Zhang '16, J.D. '20.

Alumni Author Book Talk with Kate Reed Petty ’06
Originally aired on July 8, 2021
Presented by Kate Reed Petty ’06

Join W&M Libraries and Kate Reed Petty ’06, author of “True Story,” a New York Times Editor’s Choice, and a new middle-grade graphic novel, “The Leak.” Kate discusses her work and answers questions from the audience.

Leaders in Health: Preparing for Summer and Return to School
Originally aired on June 30, 2021
Presented by Dr. Melissa Moore ’84, Dr. Lee Beers ’92, Colleen Gorman ’95, Dr. David Dafashy

W&M alumnae and health industry leaders Dr. Melissa Moore ’84, chief scientific officer of platform research at Moderna, Dr. Lee Beers ’92, president of the American Academy of Pediatrics, and Colleen Gorman ’95, head of quality events and investigation in global product development at Pfizer, share insights with Dr. David Dafashy, W&M's medical director, about the latest in vaccine development, mRNA, boosters and preparing children for the school year and beyond.

Diverse Voices in Hollywood - Young Guarde Edition
Originally aired on June 24, 2021
Presented by Lauren Shippen ’13, Omar Kamara ’15, Evan Cunningham ’16, Liz Sykes ’06

W&M Young Guarde Lauren Shippen ’13, a writer with Atypical Artists, Omar Kamara ’15, a directing fellow at the AFI Conservatory, and Evan Cunningham ’16, a producer and songwriter, discuss diversity in the arts and entertainment industry and the focus on amplifying voices of underrepresented artists and creators. This discussion was moderated by Liz Sykes ’06, owner and producer of AVAdventure Productions.

W&M APIM Professionals: Celebrating and Strengthening our Community
Originally aired on June 17, 2021
Presented by Clem Cheng ’86, Clarissa Delgado ’09, Baiyin Murphy ’10, Amandeep Sidhu ’00

W&M alumnus Clem Cheng ’86, SVP of HR at Comcast, moderates a discussion with fellow alumni, Clarissa Delgado ’09, COO and co-founder of Teach for the Philippines, Baiyin Murphy ’10, general partner at Indicator Ventures, and Amandeep Sidhu ’00, partner at Winston & Strawn, on overcoming career challenges and their thoughts on the current environment for the APIM community.

Data Privacy: Now and in the Future
Originally aired on June 3, 2021
Presented by Michael Lewis, Glenn Ballard ’00, Melody Balcet ’98, Jay Sinha J.D. ’12

W&M alumni Glenn Ballard ’00, Melody Balcet ’98, and Jay Sinha J.D. ’12 join Professor Michael Lewis, chair of W&M's computer science department for a conversation on domestic and international legal, policy and technology issues impacting data privacy.

Environmental Resilience in Virginia
Originally aired on May 26, 2021
Presented by Robert Rose, Elizabeth Andrews ’84, Molly Mitchell ’99, M.S. ’03, Ph.D. ’18

As sea levels continue to rise, towns and cities across the world must address disaster planning efforts for flooding and natural resource damage. Learn more on Virginia's climate change, sea level rise, and policy efforts to protect our coast.

Virtual Tasting with Virago Spirits
Originally aired on May 19, 2021
Presented by Vicki Haneberg ’90 and Brad Haneberg ’90

Virago Spirits is owned by Vicki Haneberg ’90 and Brad Haneberg ’90. During this event, you'll make three different cocktails and learn about the history of rum and its distillation.

The Business of NASCAR
Originally aired on May 6, 2021
Presented by Steve Newmark ’93, Tad Geschickter ’85, Lauren Edwards ’08, Ryan Preece

Join Steve Newmark ’93, president of Roush Fenway Racing, and Tad Geschickter ’85, co-owner of JTG Daugherty Racing, to learn more about the business, communications and training involved with NASCAR. Steve and Tad share their career history and insights into NASCAR as a business. Ryan Preece shares his perspective from inside the vehicle and discuss their training routines and how he got into auto racing. Lauren Edwards ’08, founder and CEO of Reine Digital, moderates this discussion.

W&M Sustainability Symposium: A Closer Look with Winona LaDuke
Originally aired on April 21, 2021
Presented by Winona LaDuke

Winona LaDuke, Native American environmentalist and political activist shares her perspective on the importance of individuals connecting with their local communities and ecosystems to the benefit of their future and the world. Known as a leader in the issues of cultural-based sustainable development strategies, renewable energy, and sustainable food systems, LaDuke discusses her experience in these areas and the ties between the rights of Indigenous people, the environment, and sustainability progress in the United States. She explores the role that arts and culture can play in connecting people and action, sharing a direction for the future, and bringing people together around common challenges and successes.

Virtual Wine Tasting with DuCard Vineyards
Originally aired on April 8, 2021
Presented by Karen Yannello ’74 and Scott Elliff

DuCard Vineyards is a boutique winery bordering the Shenandoah National Park, just north of Charlottesville. Known for top quality wines, a gorgeous country setting and a relaxing vibe, it’s owned by Scott Elliff and his wife Karen Yannello ’74. Scott leads the group through the tasting and gives us an insider view of the challenges and fulfillment of being in the Virginia wine business – including various stories and anecdotes.

Diverse Voices in Hollywood
Originally aired on March 25, 2021
Presented by Phil Sun ’04, Cord Jefferson ’04, Chon Glover M.Ed.’99, Ed.D. ’06

Chon Glover M.Ed.’99, Ed.D. ’06, W&M chief diversity officer moderates a discussion with Phil Sun ’04, top Hollywood talent agent, president and managing partner of representation firm M88 and former partner at WME, and Cord Jefferson ’04, Emmy Award winning television writer for the HBO hit series "Watchmen," and producer of "The Good Place." The topic of the discussion is diversity in the arts and entertainment industry and the focus on amplifying voices of diverse and underrepresented artists and creators.

Virtual Wine Tasting with Johnson Estate
Originally aired on March 24, 2021
Presented by Jennifer Johnson ’76

Jennifer Schroeder Johnson, W&M class of 1976, attended the Cornell Johnson School of Business, where she met her husband, Fred S. Johnson, Jr., son of the winery’s founder. After Fred’s 40-year career with various international food businesses, the two “retired” in 2013 to the farm, which had been acquired by Fred’s grandfather in the early 1900s. Today Johnson Estate Winery grows 13 varieties of grapes, spans 115 acres of vineyards on the 300-acre farm, and produces over 40 award-winning wines all overseen by Winemaker Jeff Murphy. Products, including white, red, rose, fortified, and ice wines, are sold in the Estate’s Tasting Room, online, and in stores across New York, Pennsylvania, and northern Ohio. Jennifer Schroeder Johnson ’76 and Fred Johnson are owners of Johnson Estate Winery. Jeff Murphy is the winery's winemaker.

Celebrating W&M Women and Military Service
Originally aired on March 18, 2021
Presented by Caryn Wagner ’79

During Virginia's Women Veterans Week, join us as we celebrate W&M women who are serving or have served in the military. Hear stories of service from a panel of alumnae and a current W&M ROTC cadet moderated by the Honorable Caryn Wagner ’79. Then learn about what W&M is doing to support our veterans from the special assistant for military and veterans affairs. We will also hear about the Military Women's Memorial, located at the entrance of Arlington National Cemetery.

Finding (or Creating) the Right Job: Exploring Passion, Values and Skills
Originally aired on February 25, 2021
Presented by Pam Krulitz ’86, P ’20, Raelene Wagoner ’87, P ’20, Bob Merkl

Pam Krulitz ’86, P ’20, Raelene Wagoner ’87, P ’20 and Bob Merkl explore how to clarify your passion, values and skills and make sure they’re aligned with the position you’re considering. You’ll leave with the clarity and confidence to make your next move.

Employing and Supporting Neurodiverse Professionals
Originally aired on February 24, 2021
Presented by Janet Atwater ’84, P ’17, P ’20, Karin Wulf and John Elder Robison

Neurodiverse professionals bring significant skills and abilities that can add tremendous value to an organization. How can organizations and neurotypical professionals create and cultivate a more inclusive workplace for neurodiverse individuals? Janet Atwater ’84, P ’17, P ’20, Professor Karin Wulf and John Elder Robison lead a presentation on addressing neurodiversity in the workplace and share tools to support an inclusive and supportive environment for all professionals to be successful.

Underrepresentation in the Workplace: Soul Capacity for Social Justice
Originally aired on February 24, 2021
Presented by Tamisha Williams M.Ed. ’10 

Tamisha Williams M.Ed. ’10 leads a conversation for all identities, including allies, about the ways in which you can make space for yourself in the workplace, as well as a safe place to share personal stories and testimonies.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in the Workplace: Strategies and Stories
Originally aired on February 24, 2021
Presented by Sharma ’92, M.A. ’93, Valerie Cushman, Latoya Asia J.D. ’09, Logan Scott ’13

Keynote by alumna Shuchi Sharma ’92, M.A. ’93, vice president for global diversity and inclusion at SAP, followed by a discussion moderated by Valerie Cushman with W&M alumni Latoya Asia J.D. ’09, managing counsel at Dominion Energy and Logan Scott ’13, manager of diversity & inclusion at The Walt Disney Company.

Growing Grit in Challenging Times
Originally aired on February 23, 2021
Presented by Kirsten Jones ’93

Between the pandemic, job losses, Zoom for school and work (or both), not to mention complete upheaval in our daily lives, we’ve been left reeling. How do we cope when it’s Groundhog Day every day? W&M alumna Kirsten Jones ’93, a motivational speaker and Peak Performance coach, discusses strategies to help navigate the pandemic (and beyond).

Getting Through and Accelerating Beyond
Originally aired on February 22, 2021
Presented by Mark Linaugh ’84, Tatia Granger, AnnaMaria DeSalva ’90, Kristen Vaughan ’00, Christopher Lee

Mark Linaugh ’84, former chief talent officer of WPP, Tatia Granger, clinical associate professor at William & Mary, AnnaMaria DeSalva ’90, global chairman and chief executive officer of Hill+Knowlton Strategies, Christopher Lee, chief human resources officer of William & Mary, and Kristen Vaughan ’00, managing director, human capital practice lead at Accenture Federal Services share their insights on what’s next for professionals and how to approach this year as an opportunity to accelerate professionally.

History for the Future: Campus Memorials
Originally aired on February 2, 2021
Presented by Jody Allen Ph.D. ’07, Louis Nelson ’90, Sara Bon-Harper

Universities have been addressing their histories of racial injustices in a variety of ways. William & Mary and the University of Virginia have designed memorials to enslaved workers, and the one at the University of Virginia has been constructed. William & Mary’s Jody Allen Ph.D. ’07 and the University of Virginia’s Louis Nelson ’90 explore the process and meaning of these projects in a panel moderated by Sara Bon-Harper.

Job Searching Today
Originally aired on November 18, 2020
Presented by John Franklin ’90, M.B.A ’06

Hear from John Franklin ’90, M.B.A ’06 as he discusses current challenges in the job market. Gather suggestions for your resume and cover letter, learn interview tips, and find out how to stand out in your job search. John answers questions and provides resources to help W&M alumni in the hunt for the perfect position.

Evening at the Embassy: The Future of U.S. Diplomacy
Originally aired on October 29, 2020
Presented by Mari C. Aponte, Barbara A. Leaf ’80, Tom A. Shannon ’80

Join the W&M community for a discussion regarding the future of U.S. diplomacy with Ambassadors Mari C. Aponte, Barbara A. Leaf ’80 and Tom A. Shannon ’80, D.P.S. ’20. The conversation is moderated by Steve Hanson, vice provost for international affairs.

How to Create Your Visual Brand
Originally aired on October 12, 2020
Presented by Alison Bruhn; Delia Folk ’14

Do you think your appearance is irrelevant? Keep these facts in mind:

Within the first seven seconds of meeting, people will have a solid impression of who you are — and some research suggests a tenth of a second is all it takes to start determining traits like trustworthiness.

Your brain decides within seven seconds if people are high status, trustworthy, charismatic, leadership material, promiscuous, smart, dominant and successful.

The way you present yourself in the world helps define who you are. The simplest choices can tell your story. You never get a second chance to make a first impression — make it one that will set you apart, build trust and truly reflect who you are. Join mother-daughter duo Alison Bruhn and Delia Folk ’14, co-founders of The Style That Binds Us, for a workshop on creating your own visual brand.

Inclusivity in Leadership
Originally aired on September 29, 2020
Presented by Mike Petters M.B.A. ’93 and Inga Carboni, Ph.D.

How can leaders create inclusive environments where courage and compassion lead to a sense of belonging for all members? Mike Petters M.B.A. ’93 and Inga Carboni, Ph.D. combine theory and practice to explore this question through the lens of our values.

Welcome to the City: The Next in Steps Career, Grad School and W&M Resources
Originally aired on September 23, 2020
Presented by Oscar Alcoreza '12, KC Malone ’15 MBA ‘21, Kent Rollins '17, Kayla Sharpe '17, Joey Wong '10

You have your first job! Now what? Join us for a young alumni panel discussion to hear how others have navigated career and industry transitions, graduate school and leveled up after their first job out of college. Learn what resources are available to you from staff members of the W&M Alumni Association to help you with all your career & networking needs. Q&A follows presentation.

Compassion in Leadership
Originally aired on September 15, 2020
Presented by Michael K. Powell ’85, D.P.S. ’02 and Drew Stelljes Ph.D. ’07

How can leaders create inclusive environments where courage and compassion lead to a sense of belonging for all members? Michael K. Powell ’85, D.P.S. ’02 and Drew Stelljes Ph.D. ’07 combine theory and practice to explore this question through the lens of our values.

Commercial Real Estate and COVID-19
Originally aired on September 10, 2020
Presented by Joe Jackson ’86, Jordan Lex ’05, Jim Molloy, Sheila Novak ’91, J.D. ’96, Graham Savage ’04 and Earl Wise ’83, J.D. ’87

Hear from Joe Jackson ’86, Jordan Lex ’05, Jim Molloy, Sheila Novak ’91, J.D. ’96, Graham Savage ’04 and Earl Wise ’83, J.D. ’87 as they discuss the impact of today's pandemic on various aspects of commercial real estate. Topics will include force majeure, forbearance, lender issues, state of the D.C. Metro region and the future of offices.

Navigating Uncertainty: Fall 2020 Education in Central Virginia and Beyond
Originally aired on July 28, 2020
Presented by Alison Dwier-Selden ’86, Matthew Haas M.Ed. ’97, Mark Hofer, Robert C. Knoeppel, Marsh Pattie ’00, Nicole Woods ’96

Pandemic, economic volatility and racial injustice are creating unique challenges for Central Virginia’s K-12 schools and the University of Virginia. Education professionals from both sectors discuss what to expect this fall and into the future.

Current Environment of the NYC Real Estate Market
Originally aired on June 25, 2020
Presented by Brian Lewis ’91 and Matt Wallace ’10

William & Mary alumni Brian Lewis ’91 and Matt Wallace ’10 lead a conversation on the current and future of NYC real estate.

The Wonderful World of Sports Sponsorships
Originally aired on June 10, 2020
Presented by Davey Chadwick ’15

In this discussion, Davey Chadwick ’15 describes his path to sports sponsorships, and his current role in strategizing sponsorship (partnership) strategy for the Philadelphia Flyers and Wells Fargo Center. From setting prices, to pitching, to “activating” and more – watch this webinar to learn more about the world of sports partnerships and sports business overall.

Charlotte - Virtual Beer Tasting
Originally aired on June 4, 2020
Presented by George Sistrunk ’95

Join George Sistrunk ’95 and fellow William & Mary alumni in the Charlotte region and beyond for a virtual beer tasting with Town Brewing Co.

Virtual Wine Tasting
Originally aired on May 14, 2020
Presented by Eric Rydin ’10

Join Eric Rydin ’10, owner of Le Grand Triage and sommelier, to learn about his journey as an entrepreneur and take part in a virtual Sancerre wine tasting!

Society of 1918 Virtual Gathering- Financial Planning #1
Originally aired on May 13, 2020
Presented by Tracy Shackelford

All financial plans are not created equal! In fact, it's imperative we have our own seat at the financial planning table to direct our wealth strategies. In this interactive session with financial advisor Tracy Shackelford, you'll learn about the "perfect storm" of challenges threatening women today, the impact this is having on our financial estates and what we can do to achieve our legacy and philanthropic commitments to our communities. 

Work From Home Confidently and Competently for Business Continuity
Originally aired on May 8, 2020
Presented by Rebecca Staton-Reinstein ’62

Whether your job was technology intensive or not, suddenly having to deal with a balky printer, overloaded Internet connection, or novel app or software adds to your stress. In this webinar Rebecca Staton-Reinstein ’62 explores these areas, based on what she has learned working from home for over a decade and building on the experience of tens of thousands of people worldwide.

Cocktail-Making Class with CC DesRosiers ’14
Originally aired on May 7, 2020
Presented by CC DesRosiers ’14

Join CC DesRosiers ’14, co-founder of Troop Beverage Co., to learn about her journey as an entrepreneur in the trending canned cocktail beverage industry and learn to make a few of her favorite craft spirits.

Virtual Wine Tasting with Valley Road Vineyards
Originally aired on May 7, 2020
Presented by Barbara Joynes ’82 and Stan Joynes

Watch a virtual wine tasting by Barbara Joynes ’82 and Stan Joynes from Valley Road Vineyards as they offer a W&M wine tasting with stories about the wines they create and insights into the state of winemaking in Virginia.

Adaptive Strategic Planning
Originally aired on May 1, 2020
Presented by Shaun Loria ’08

In an uncertain environment, organizations and teams succeed by adapting quickly. What's the best way to create a strategic plan and communication strategy to lead your company, nonprofit, or team? Forget the company retreat to Aspen, and instead embrace a startup strategic planning framework that can be applied to respond quickly, decisively and intelligently in uncertain times.

Coronavirus Impact to U.S. Economy & Capital Markets
Originally aired on April 8, 2020
Presented by Glenn Crafford ’77, Niles Chura ’91 and Michael Cummings ’93

Glenn Crafford ’77, Niles Chura ’91 and Michael Cummings ’93 discuss current market conditions and forecast for the U.S. economy, the stock markets and credit markets.

Navigating the Complexities of Entrepreneurial Growth
Originally aired on December 15, 2016
Presented by Brad Eure ’79

Brad Eure ’79 identifies the key issues you need to address today to create and maintain organizational alignment and engagement at your company.