Olde Guarde

The Olde Guarde Council is the governing body of the Olde Guarde, which consists of all members of the William & Mary Alumni Association whose class graduated 50 years ago or more. Through social, service and educational programs, the Olde Guarde Council provides opportunities for members to connect with each other and support our alma mater. Learn more about the Olde Guarde.


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Council Members

James (Jim) R. Taylor ’69, Chair

Katherine Burge Callaway ’68, Vice Chair

Charlotte (Char) Sandquist Phillips '71, Secretary

Nancy Sturgeon Luzar ’72, Treasurer 

J. Reid Williamson '70, Historian

Pam B. Michael ’65, Member-At-Large

Bruce A. Oliver ’68, Immediate Past Chair

Patrisia Bayliss Owens ’62, P ’90, P ’92

Sondra (Sandy) Morrissey Roberts ’63

Richard (Dick) C. Goodwin '64

Carol E. Evans ’64

Donnie G. Owens ’65, J.D. ’71, P ’05 

Camilla Marie Buchanan '66, P '11

Keith A. Taylor ’66

Shelby Smith Hawthorne ’67, M.A.Ed. ’75

Stuart D. Spirn ’67, J.D. ’70

Gale Gibson Kohlhagen ’69

Connie Scott Shepard '70

Brad K. Smallwood ’72, M.B.A ’75

Albert (Ferris) F. Allen '73

Nancy Rowland '73, P '03, P '08

Lynn Cole ’74

Lee Powell ’74, M.B.A. ’81

Mark Wilson ’71, M.Ed. ’76, P ’13


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