Olde Guarde

The Olde Guarde Council is the governing body of the Olde Guarde, which consists of all members of the William & Mary Alumni Association whose class graduated 50 years ago or more. Through social, service and educational programs, the Olde Guarde Council provides opportunities for members to connect with each other and support our alma mater.


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 October, 2018 Letter from the Chair
               Upcoming Dates
               Olde Guarde Distinguished Service Award Nomination
               Olde Guarde Name Change Update


Council Members

Howard Busbee ’65, JD ’67, MLT ’68, Chairman

Susan Hardage ’61, Immediate Past Chairman

Carol Evans ’64, Vice Chair

Barbara Bowers ’65, Secretary

Keith Taylor '66, Treasurer

William Armbruster ’57

Don Beck ’64

Beverly Burchette ’58

Katherine Callaway '68

Carter Cowles ’58

Dan Dopp ’62

Barbara Hager ’57, MED ’86

Audrey Harris ’60

Warren Joblin, Esq. ’60

Sharon Kern '66

Patricia Landen ’56

Bruce Oliver '68

Patty Owens ’62

Sondra Roberts ’63

Shelby Smith Hawthorne '67, M.A.Ed. '75

Ann Snead ‘59

Stuart D. Spirn '67, J.D. '70

Hon. Robert Simpson ’63, JD ’68

Keith Taylor ‘66

Jesse Welborn ’59

Wayne Woolwine ’61