William & Mary Networks host alumni engagement opportunities, programs and activities across affinities, regions, and industries virtually and in-person in seven major regions — Virginia, D.C. Metro, Northeast, Southeast, Central, West and International. As part of the Annual Review each summer, Network leaders set engagement goals for the fiscal year and develop a calendar of programming to accomplish their goals. Some network leader responsibilities include identifying opportunities, venues and speakers, promoting the event through peer outreach, drafting evite and registration page language and creating social media marketing. 

For all engagement opportunities, Alumni Engagement staff will assist network leaders by managing registration, email marketing and assisting with payments. Engagement opportunities are marketed to alumni, parents, family and friends of W&M across and within affinities, regions and industries. 

Recommended Engagement Opportunities

The WMAA recommends each network pursue engagement opportunities based on how many alumni, parents, family and friends are within a specific network affinity, identity, industry and/or region. The table below shows guidelines for network leaders. Network leaders should also discuss the recommended number of engagement opportunities with their Alumni Engagement staff liaison.

Alumni, parents, family and friends Recommended number of engagement opportunities per calendar year Example Networks
15,000+ 15-20 D.C. Metro, Young Guarde
10,000-15,000 10-15 Richmond
5,000-10,000 8-10 New York City, Ao75
1,000-5,000 4-7 Orlando
500-1,000 2-4 Lynchburg

Types of Programs

Partner Programming – An event or series of events that is created in partnership with the Alumni Engagement staff. Examples include affinity/identity focus (such as W&M Women, Hulon Willis Association, Association of 1775, Young Guarde, etc.), athletics, or other collaborations. Examples of partner programming include the Hulon Willis Association and W&M Richmond tailgate, Welcome to the City events and a regional reception in honor of Veterans Day with the Association of 1775.

Career Management & Professional Networks Programming

Programs, events and resources that support alumni in all career stages, strengthen alumni connections, and bring together the W&M community around shared industry and workplace interests. Examples of Career Management & Professional Networks Programming includes programming during W&M Professional Development Week or a networking opportunity for students and alumni during a conference in your region.

Signature Programming

An event that falls under the Regional Engagement staff’s designation of signature programming:  Homecoming & Reunion Weekend, One Tribe One Day, Yule Log, Charter Day, Professionals Week, Welcome to the City or another iconic William & Mary event.

Virtual Engagement Opportunity

A virtual event or series of events that engages the W&M community. Be sure to check out W&M Webinars for inspiration!

Cultural Programming

An event or series of events designed to engage the local William & Mary community in cultural experiences. Examples of cultural programming include a museum tour or speaker event.

Educational Programming

An event or series of events that gives members of the community the opportunity to engage in lifelong learning. These events may be connected directly to alma mater or may simply be an educational event that is meaningful and interesting to the local William & Mary community. Building tours, workshops and events featuring faculty are all examples of educational programming.

Family Programming

An event or series of events that are clearly designed for all ages. These events provide meaningful opportunities for children and adults to enjoy time together. Examples of family programming include sporting events, festivals and other activity-based programming.

Service Programming

An event or series of events that allow the group to give back to the local community through financial or in-kind donations and/or volunteering time. Food banks, service to veterans and supporting local non-profts are ways to include service programming in your region.

Unique Events

An event or series of events that is unique to the local William & Mary community. This event may occur just once or year over year. It may happen in other regions but does not fall into the “Signature Event” category. 
Examples of unique events include a day at the slopes in Colorado, annual basketball dinner in Williamsburg or the W&M Club of NY.