• Alumni Association Networks
    Alumni Association Networks engage William & Mary alumni, parents, family and friends with diverse opportunities to connect the W&M community to one another and back to alma mater.
    • Admission Volunteer Network 
      The Alumni Admissions Network builds the W&M community by welcoming accepted students into the William & Mary family.
    • Affinity Networks
      • Association of 1775 (Ao75) 
        Ao75 provides engagement opportunities and regional programming for William & Mary’s military, veteran and civil service alumni, parents, family and friends, and W&M’s student veteran population.
      • Order of the White Jacket (OWJ) 
        OWJ’s goals and objectives include fostering and strengthening the fraternal bond between alumni who served in food service, promoting the honor and dignity of work ethic through manual labor to finance a college education, supporting current students working their way through college in food service through scholarship opportunities, and advancing the interests of the Alumni Association and the university.
    • Inclusion Networks
      • Asian-Pacific Islander-Middle Eastern (APIM) Alumni Association
        Alumni who self-identify as Asian, Pacific Islander and Middle Eastern who are working to create community at William & Mary.
      • Crim Dell Association
        The Crim Dell Association is William & Mary’s identity group representing alumni dedicated to expanding the freedom to love and express gender and sexual identity. Our mission is to cultivate a vibrant community, expand opportunities for current LGBTQ+ students and allies and maintain a strong connection with the university.
      • Hulon Willis Association (HWA)
        HWA, the organization for alumni of Black or African descent, is dedicated to encouraging fellowship among alumni, advancing the interests of the Alumni Association and the university and enhancing the quality of life for current African American students at William & Mary through scholarship opportunities as well as other avenues for involvement.
      • Latinx
        The W&M Latinx Alumni Association consists of alumni who self-identify as Latino, Latina, Latinx, Hispanic or Chicano who are working to create community at William & Mary. Latinx Alumni work closely with the Latin American Studies Program faculty, the Cuba Media Initiative, UndocuTribe, the Latin-American Student Union, the Hispanic Studies faculty and other Latin-American focused campus constituencies to actively engage with William & Mary.
      • W&M Women
        W&M Women provides regional and on-campus programs with the objective of empowering, inspiring and growing the leadership of women in the William & Mary community.
    • Olde Guarde
      The Olde Guarde consists of all members of the William & Mary Alumni Association whose class graduated 50 years ago or more.
    • Professional Networks
      Professional network leaders lead and leverage the worldwide William & Mary community of alumni, parents, family and friends to enhance one another’s professional success. They help bring together peers in their professional networks together through an evolving web of opportunities, connections and events that unite the One Tribe One Network community.
    • Regional Networks
      Regional networks create unique engagement opportunities to engage W&M alumni, parents, family and friends in a specific region. 
    • Students for University Advancement (SUA)
      Members of SUA build a culture of philanthropy on campus. Members have opportunities to network with William & Mary alumni, sponsor large campus events, and grow as student leaders as they spread the spirit of giving across campus.
    • Young Guarde
      Alumni within their first 10 years of graduation enjoy membership in the Young Guarde.
  • Alumni Engagement
    Alumni engagement staff work to build a culture of engagement and philanthropy and create lifetime connections to encourage support of the university’s future.
  • Network Leader
    A network leader is an individual who helps lead a specific William & Mary Alumni Association Network. Leadership structures vary from boards to leadership circles. Network leaders are alumni, parents, family and friends of W&M who strive to build the W&M community through the specific opportunity, identity or shared affinity of their chosen network, and also may serve multiple networks.
  • Network Leadership Team
    Network leadership teams are groups of volunteers who lead specific William & Mary Alumni Association Networks. Leadership teams meet periodically to strategize, set goals and brainstorm ways to expand engagement within their network. Leadership teams create and execute programs, events and engagement opportunities to meet goals and engage the W&M community in their network.